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16 Feb

A website for professionals in the power delivery and data cabling industry. We cover all aspects of the power industry including safety, codes & standards, certification, design, installation, and maintenance.

Many people in the Data and Power industry write me thinking that we are discussing the use of USB cables for Flash Drives or thumb drives as discussed here. While we do discuss USB cables from time to time, we touch on a much larger scope. This blog focuses on data and data storage, networking, fiber optic technology and power delivery systems.

Data and Power is a blog. It’s run by cable and telecommunications companies but the posts are authored by people who are passionate about what they do. The purpose is to act as a source of news on local, national, and international markets. There are also handy little how-to guides about telecommunication. If you’re looking for a telecommunications company to fill any data and power-related jobs, browse our site.

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Melissa Hartridge

Founder of Data And Power syndication. Melissa has been involved in the outside plant, power delivery and grid based industries for a long time.

Jonathan Wellington

Jonathan is a M.I.S graduate. He is an active writer, blogger and communications advocate.

Paul Wourt

Paul has been involved in Data and Power since the beginning, in 2008. He is a major contributor and staff writer.